The letter below was sent to us from our friends in Kenya. Out of concern for their safety, we have redacted their names. Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Pokot, Kenya.



Kenya, Africa


Shalom and warm greetings from your brothers in the Pokot community Kenya.

We thank you so much for the continued support you have given us. I started as one and now we have 400 followers. Glory and Glory be to God for this growth.

We have had radio program broadcasting in Pokot language, we translated the sermons prepared by our Brother Ed McNeely to local mother tongue. It has greatly increased access our listeners.

We have also started an inductive bible study program to train youth be pastors and evangelist .

Rev P. takes them through the Bible lessons.

  • In 2012 we trained 33 youths;

  • In 2013 we trained 63, and

  • In 2014, we trained 49 youths.

We have Bible lessons in

  • 2 government elementary schools, and

  • 3 high schools. We also have an evangelistic team preaching the Gospel weekly in Chepareriakabichbich marketand Orolwo market .

We have two pastors who have been getting pay from Mission By the Sea. 

Pastor B. of Kerio church is married and a father to 5 children.

Pastor S. of Lelan church is married and father to one child.

We thank you so much for the support you have been giving us. We value you so much.

Evangelism would help expand the radius for His Kingdom and more souls would be won.


Our prayer 2015:

1. We pray to build a local church in Chepareria town at cost of $1,500.

2. We pray to have pastor B. of Kerio church paid $900 per year.  

3. We pray to have pastor S. of Lelan Church paid $900 per year.

4. We pray to have pastor P. of Chepareria paid $900 per year.

5. We pray to build a local church in Olwo Market $1,200.

6. We pray to have pastor J. of Orolwo church paid $900 per year.

7. We pray to have $900 for 15-minute daily radio broadcasting in Pokot language per year.


Pastor P. of Chepareria won his wife D. to Christ. They were Catholic for 30 years. Since her conversion, P. has donated land to construct a new church.


We look forward to see youths from Mission By The Sea and elders come to Kenya For Evangelism. Christ has set the way through Pastor Ed.  We have kept the faith in God and we have waited for His direction. Who knew that Mission By The Sea could have an outreach in Africa?

Churches in west Pokot, one church is in each district

Kerio church. by pastor B.


Lelan church by pastor S.

Chepareria church by pastor P.

Orolwo church by pastor J.

Pastor A. has been preaching and praying under a tree with 30 followers.

Thank you again and again.

In 2016 we look forward to plant a church in Koloa -East Pokot District in Baringo County.

We plant a 5th church in Sambalat village, Marakwet East district - Elgeyo Marakwet County.


Thank you and may God bless you.

Gilbert Pkemoi


Grace Church Association of Kenya