I dropped a light bulb and watched it shatter and scatter across the floor. There was nothing I could do but sweep it up and throw it away. I made a mental note not to go barefoot any time soon, splinters of glass sometimes linger.

I recently learned of families breaking up. Hearts were broken; lives shattered into a million pieces. The hurts are deep and painful and the hearts seem beyond mending.

The moment of the shattering is impossible to believe. Those involved look for brighter days, but the view is through a soul that sees only gray. They are numb.

Painful events generate broken hearts: a relationship gone wrong, the death of a loved one, marriages failure, or a child gone astray. The blow is so hard you do not think you can go another moment, let alone another day. You don’t know if you’re depressed or oppressed or just a mess. Doing nothing solves nothing.

Here’s the truth—Only  God can mend your brokenness!! He is the Potter and His specialty is molding us and shaping us. We need to remain on the Potter's wheel to be restored, but often we run to others. It is wonderful to get support from a godly friend or prayer with your Pastor, but this should be in addition to, not a substitute for, time alone with the Lord. Need repair?

"But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in His wings…" Malachi 4:2