It is 3:00 A.M., the house is quiet, your family members are asleep, it is warm, it is dark, and you should be asleep too... but your mind is racing, your heart is pounding, and worries overwhelm you. You might be thinking about the pressing needs of a tomorrow that will find you unprepared, or have financial, relational, or employment concerns. There is something about this part of the night that seems to magnify all of these problems. We need God's help, not only when we are alert and awake, but even when we are sleeping. The psalmist said, "He guards us from the flaming arrows at night."

The Lord caused the sea to go back all that night. (Exod. 14:21)

The real work of God for Israel was not when they awakened and found that they could get over the Red Sea; but what He did “all that night.” The next day simply revealed it.

In the early hours everything may seem dark. Remember, God works during the night, until the light comes. You may not see it, but in all that “night” in your life, He works. 

Go back to bed. He’s still working, bringing all this together, at night.