I viewed the massive mountain ranges, the deep gorge, and sheer rocky canyons dug out by years of rain and swift rivers. I’ve seen a gigantic boulder towering like a sentinel over the vast grassy plain. All these remain unharmed by storms or fire. The rock visions display “the rock” with impenetrable strength and stability. They were all breath taking and awe inspiring, but there is One rock that is higher.

"Hear my cry, O God; listen to my prayer. From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I" (Psalm 61:1-2).

David reminds us that no matter where he was, God, His Rock, was always there. He could find strength and help in the time of need. He is always the Rock, standing tall and firm.

Christ is the Rock of Israel, the Rock of our salvation, and our refuge. He is higher than David, and all the kings of the earth; higher than the angels in heaven, and than the heavens themselves, and who by His height is able to protect and defend His people from all their enemies; and by the shade He casts to refresh and comfort them; and able to supply all their wants; for He is as a rock impregnable.

He is the Rock to look up to – higher than I.