No sounds, no cars, no birds, no people about, just silence. I'll never forget the darkness, dirt, and bitter cold of winter in a northern city. Was there any relief from the deadening silence and cold? It was a time of waiting for a still small voice of hope… a time to listen.

Often before sunrise I’d look out the window to see a covering of snow hiding everything. The street lights wore white caps, and the snow revealed everything differently. Leafless trees now bore thick layers of snow, bright white covered the dead lawns, and cars disappeared in the driveway. This "white out" seemed to create a "do over". Soon, however, the heat of the new sun revealed that that it was just a temporary cover.

King David of Israel was said to be a man after God’s heart. In his darkness of sin, David knew anything short of repentance would only be a temporary cover up. Because he repented of those sins, God mercifully forgave him. No sin is too great to be forgiven. God can, and will, forgive you of any sin. It’s better than a temporary cover up.   

Be purified. Let Him wash you whiter than snow.

"I know my sins are ever before me...Purify me...wash me and I shall be whiter than snow." Psalm 51:7