My elderly dad developed throat cancer. A large tumor had attached itself to his voice box which required removal. The result was no voice and an opening in his neck. Later he would learn to gulp air to create a sound that would, in time, be his “new” voice.

Early after the surgery, Dad tried to communicate his needs to the nursing staff. I watched him desperately deal with the only thing left, writing. With his near "perfect" hand writing, he couldn’t write at the speed and ease of his now former speech. Aggravation was ingrained on his face as he threw his notepad to the side of the bed. The nurse disappeared before he could finish.

As the healing process began, a way of communication was to be learned. Dad learned that gulped air could be shaped in to intelligible words. It took much effort, but worked. Ultimately, a battery operated voice machine when held to his throat gave him a new voice.

I’ve preached and taught for many years. The task of prayerfully accumulating and compiling information and formatting outlines is not without much work. Delivery comes with freedom, assurance and peace. I’ve begun to share my studies and messages through a new voice. Writing has given me the ability to rejuvenate what we’ve been given and share it in a broader way. Like my dad, I’ll probably have to gulp air to shape intelligible words for the writings to be a new voice. Are you using your voice?