I never knew my grandfather. He died before my second birthday. As a young boy I tried to discover things about him. Old family photos showed him as a professional wrestler and a policeman. In one photo he wore a tan suit, white wide-rim hat and smoked a cigar. I heard he even changed the family name.  The photos and stories left many gaps. As much as I had learned about Grandpa, I couldn’t say I knew him, no matter what the photos and stories told me.

A woman sent a letter to Anwar Sadat expressing her admiration of him for meeting with President Jimmy Carter at the Israel Peace Talks. She received an invitation to Egypt as his guest for a week. She got to know him because she accepted his invitation.

God’s invitation for us to know Him is presented by the Word and Jesus, the Living Word. Knowing Him involves knowing Jesus’ victory over death that lifts the believer from the death of sin to newness of life. It comes from knowledge gained by long experience with Christ and His changing of our lives. Knowing Him can not only change our family name, but our whole outlook on life.

“This is eternal life: that they may know You, the only true God, and the One You have sent--Jesus Christ.” John 17:3 HCSB