We arrived at an airport in Scotland and boarded a shuttle to a nearby hotel. With bags in hand, we checked in and asked for directions to our rooms. The young woman replied, “Take a right and go down the hallway to the left.” We thanked her and proceeded to follow her instructions. To our frustration, we found at the end of the hall a bar on the right and locked doors on the left. One member of our party returned to the front desk for a repeat of the directions and received the same answer. Confused, we all returned to the desk and asked again. The attendant gave us a strange look and said, “To the lift sir, to the lift!”  The Scottish accent got us. She meant the elevator.

God constantly speaks to us. Too often, we don’t hear His message, nor seek His guidance unless faced with a crisis. Then, with a dire need to hear from God, we become discouraged when we don’t clearly hear what we need.

God wants everyone to hear His message clearly. As we must focus on developing a relationship with God, He enables us to hear His voice. The closer we get to Him, the more we can enjoy ongoing dialogue. God will use our conversations to transform us into the person He wants us to become.

Are you listening?

“Anyone who has ears should listen!" Matthew 13:9 HCSB