Early in life we catch, or develop, a mechanism to deal with the unknown. As an infant, we become exposed to everything new. We hear the voice of our mother when she sings to put us to sleep or speaks softly to soothe our anxiety. She slips food into us to satisfy the hunger and cares for our every need. The mechanism we learn is expectation.

We know exactly what to expect when with the holidays. Halloween will welcome our light up pumpkins and leaf-filled scarecrows. Christmas will be invited by the angel atop our tree when we were small, and in spring we greet the ancient egg decorating kit from years ago. Even when we go to the doctor, we want to know exactly what they are going to do before they even pull out the needle.

In the seasons of life, however, we are often totally unaware of what to expect. At best we’re advised to - expect the unexpected.

When we have no earthly idea what we need from God, we just expect that God does; and whatever that need turns out to be He’ll fulfill it. No worrying required.

…You did awesome things that we did not expect . . . Isaiah 64:3

Nothing gets slipped past our Father. He leaves no need unfulfilled. When you don’t know what to expect take comfort that it won’t be anything less than everything that you need. Allow His love to rock your world in ways you can’t even imagine.