I found a tale about the way the birds got their wings at the beginning. They were first made without wings. Then God made the wings and put them down before the wingless birds and said to them, "Come, take up these burdens and bear them."

The birds had lovely plumage and sweet voices; they could sing, and their feathers gleamed in the sunshine, but they could not soar in the air. They hesitated at first but soon obeyed. With their beaks, the birds took the wings and laid them on their shoulders to carry them.

For a little while, the load seemed heavy and hard to bear. As they carried the burdens, folding them over their hearts, the wings attached to their little bodies. They soon discovered how to use them, and were lifted by them up into the air. These weights became wings.

We are the wingless birds. God has made our duties and tasks to lift us and carry us heavenward. We look at our heavy burdens and hide from them. If we lift them and bind them to our hearts, they become wings. On them, we rise and soar toward God.

Each burden we lift cheerfully and bear with love in our hearts will become a blessing to us. God means our tasks to be our helpers; to refuse to bend our shoulders to receive a load is to decline a new opportunity for growth. 

"They shall mount up with wings as eagles." Isaiah 40:31

It's time to “Wing it”!!