Discouragement causes you to lose heart and want to quit.  Life is difficult and can be painful at times.  The road hard wears down of a person just fighting the good fight and “keeping on keeping on” and can lead to disheartenment.  After the death of Moses, his successor Joshua was told repeatedly, “Be strong and very courageous”.

"Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their ancestors to give them." Joshua 1:6

While none of us is being required to lead a people to settle in a foreign land filled with enemies it takes fortitude to bring up children to live lives of integrity in the midst of a perverse generation, to put up with difficult bosses and to make ends meet for our families. The point is people get discouraged.

The Bible puts high value on people to lift others up through their words and deeds. 

Let us encourage one another – and all the more… Hebrews 10:25

Everyone has the ability to tell someone, “You’re going to make it!”  “Don’t give up!”  “God hasn’t forgotten you!”  “The Lord is going to meet your needs!” 

God could send an angel to deliver a message of encouragement, but He’s chosen to work through you and me! Bring a smile to someone today. Lift them up!! They need it.